Dental Implants

Implants are regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for replacement of missing teeth.

This replacement option could be considered as the closest option to having your ‘own’ missing tooth back!

This treatment involves placing a ‘titanium fixture’ into the bone in the missing tooth gap. Placement of this fixture involves a minor surgical procedure done in aseptic conditions. A lot of planning goes into this procedure and may even involve a CT scan so a 3-D assessment of bone volume can be done predictably.

If bone is found to be deficient, a bone graft can be placed. Generally, this means using bone substitutes available pre-manufactured. Once the implant is ‘integrated’ a crown is placed on top of it. If multiple teeth are missing, implants can be placed in strategic positions and implant-retained bridges fabricated.

In patients with all teeth missing, a couple of implants is generally enough to help secure an other-wise loose denture. This is called an ‘implant over-denture’. A fixed replacement for all the missing teeth is also possible.

Implant consultations are free! So, please feel free to drop in and have a chat to discuss what your options are!


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